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Are Hospital Whiteboards the Right Prescription for Pain and Medication Management?

Managing patient pain is one of the most important things hospitals can do to increase patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores, especially for post-operative patients. More than 22% of HCAHPS questions, a full 6 out of the 27, ask patients about pain management and medication they receive during their hospital stay. Combine this statistic with those found by researchers, which revealed that 86% of post-surgical patients had experienced moderate to acute painand you have a recipe for higher patient satisfaction scores. This all begins with proper pain and medication management.

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How Healthcare Whiteboards Help Solve the Patient Comfort Equation

Comfort is one of the foundational pillars of patient satisfaction, and patient room whiteboards have become a helpful tool for care teams to provide the increasingly high level of comfort sought by patients in an age where healthcare is more competitive than ever. When patients are kept comfortable, both physically and emotionally, they are far more likely to perceive their care as satisfactory, highly rate the hospital in which they are staying, and recommend the facility to their family and friends. These opinions are also integral parts of HCAPHPS surveys, one of the primary metrics by which a hospital’s performance is rated.

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Whiteboards Bring Both Functionality and Aesthetics to Hospitals

There are two things that matter when it comes to healthcare design: function and aesthetics. Everything in a hospital serves a specific function, whether it makes a patient’s stay more pleasant or healthcare professionals' jobs easier. Both lead to better treatment and patient experiences, the goal for any facility. While everything placed within a hospital serves a specific function, the aesthetics of the object in question also play an important role.

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3 Ways Patient Rooms Boards Can Save Nurses Time

To help your staff, particularly your nurses, save time and work more efficiently, purchasing a patient room whiteboards can help accomplish that goal. The whiteboards you place in patient rooms can serve as tools that help your nurses save time by becoming more efficient. This allows them to reduce their levels of stress and better care for patients. There are many ways the right whiteboards can help your facility accomplish this. 

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5 Uses for Hospital Whiteboards Outside of Patient Communication

Hospital whiteboards are most commonly used in patient rooms, and for their good reason. Their ability to integrate into care plans and improve communication with patients is their most valuable capability. But using them as patient room boards for bedside communication is not the only way hospital whiteboards can be used. Hospitals can benefit from placing these custom whiteboards all over their facilities. 

Outside of patient communication, there are various applications for a healthcare-focused whiteboard that helps providers and staff work and communicate with one another. 

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How to Encourage Patients and Care Teams to Interact with Your Whiteboards

The undeniable usefulness of patient room boards during treatment is well documented, but there still remains a problem for many facilities across the country: their whiteboards are not consistently used. Unfortunately, not all team members have the time to fill out whiteboard information fields. Others simply forget to use the board. No matter what the issue may be, there are several things a facility can do to encourage whiteboard use, allowing them to get the most out of their investment. 

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