Behavioral Healthcare

Unframed Classic VividBoards are the perfect board to place in a Behavioral Health Facilities. Our custom graphics are design to reduce anxiety and offer colors, text, and images to encourage positivity and increase communication between staff and patients. Available in a variety of sizes and featuring VividGraphics, these boards are guaranteed for life.

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Whiteboards are used in Behavioral Health Facilities and Hospitals as a way to convey messages to patients, explaining exercises and activities or outlining schedules for medications or daily activities. Our boards are frameless with tamper resistant screws, keeping at-risk patients and staff safe.

  • Frameless and Tamper Resistant: The frameless board removes the risk that exists with glass and metal framed boards. Each board is held tight to the wall with tamper resistant screws.
  • Long Lasting and Easy to Clean: The entire surface easily wipes off with a soft cloth, disinfectant wipe, alcohol or just plain water. Our patented coating eliminates ghosting or fading, and we guarantee it for life.
  • Graphic and Logo Printing: Use colors and graphics to positively impact the mood of patients, offering organic shapes and images. Hospitals can also print logos and text to reinforce brand, mission, and positivity.
  • Improve Patient Anxiety: Work with our design team to create behavioral health boards that will communicate the right information, reduce anxiety in patients and improves the aesthetics in a hospital or behavioral health facility

VividBoard is guaranteed for life

VividBoard’s VividShieldTM coating is guaranteed against ghosting, fading and defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the board. The warranty is limited to the replacement of defective boards and does not include removal, installation or shipping costs.

Use of abrasive cleaners, cleaning cloths (i.e. Soft Scrub, Comet, Brillo pad, etc.) or permanent markers will negate the warranty coverage.

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