Getting the Most Out of Your Patient Room Boards

Mar 24, 2017

hospital whitaboard by chair

Hospital whiteboards serve a variety of purposes. They are a:

  • Simple and effective form of communication between patients and hospital staff.

  • Tool that nurses use to create a better patient flow, reduce their stress and fit more work into their average day.

  • Beautiful addition to the design and decor of the hospital setting.

Because of their versatility, their many uses can vary. But hospitals can get the most out of them by customizing their content, design and other features. Custom dry erase boards present a better solution than anything else on the market. Here's how you can get the most out of your whiteboards.

Choose Content That is Valuable to Patients

Customized whiteboards help increase patient satisfaction because they address specific concerns that patients have. When designing your whiteboards, you can fill in the blank spaces with information that is helpful to patients.

For example, patients beginning chemotherapy treatment are often unsure of the medications that they are receiving. This can cause a lot of stress or anxiety that diminishes a patient's satisfaction with their care. By incorporating information about medications on your whiteboard including medication names, side effects and the reason for taking them, patients will understand and have fewer concerns with the process.

You can leverage your nursing staff to find out what patients want, then use this information when designing your new whiteboards.

Understand What Your Nurses Need

Custom whiteboards are great for patients, but they also play a large role in helping your nursing staff manage their days and become more productive. Whiteboards are great tools for the nursing station. They allow care teams to coordinate tasks, manage information, boost morale and create a team-oriented environment.

Consider meeting with your nursing staff to discuss inefficiencies in their work day and how they can use whiteboards as helpful tools. This will allow you to see what needs to be addressed and understand how your whiteboards can fit into your nurses' routines.

Make Your Whiteboards Unique to Your Organization

Your whiteboard solution will serve many needs, but it should also make your hospital a more fun, interactive and beautiful place. When designing your custom whiteboards, consider incorporating your organization's logo, colors and any other fun or unique designs.

Need help coming up with a design? Our VividDesign team will help you create a whiteboard that fits your organization's style. Whether you are looking for a classic whiteboard, a modern glass option or interchangeable boards that bring new levels of customization and utility, we can help you find the right fit. Contact our team today to get started.