The Hidden Costs of Poor Quality Whiteboards

Jul 28, 2017

hospital budget

Hospital whiteboards are a smart investment for any hospital, but just like all investments, there are good and bad choices. While the benefits of custom whiteboards are well documented, the costs of choosing poor quality whiteboards, or those that aren't custom-tailored to meet the needs of your patients, can add up.

These hidden costs come in many forms:

Decreased Reimbursements

Ever since the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and Health and Human Services (HHS) placed an added emphasis on HCAHPS scores when determining the reimbursements that hospitals receive, patient satisfaction has moved to the forefront of many hospital's list of concerns.

Studies have shown that hospital whiteboards can increase patient satisfaction scores because they improve communication between patients and care team staff. But poor quality whiteboards that are hard to read, understand and not very pleasing to look at run the risk of producing less satisfied patients.

Lower HCAHPS scores means less money for hospitals. This is a topic we have written about before. You can read about it here to learn how VividBoard could help your hospital gain an additional $150,000 in reimbursements per year.

Decreased Productivity

In the fast-paced healthcare field, time is money. When your nurses are tied up dealing with issues related to your whiteboards, they are not spending time servicing your other customers, thus driving down their HCAHPS scores.

Low quality whiteboards are not easy to manage. They are hard to write on, hard for patients to read and even harder to clean. Poor quality whiteboard surfaces leave ghosted and faded marks even after repeated cleanings. That’s why we have placed so much emphasis on the surface of our boards. Our patented VividShield surface is resilient, easy to write on and even easier to clean. Your patients will appreciate how legible the information is, your nurses will appreciate how easy they are to clean (simply wipe them down with a damp cloth) and your bottom line will appreciate the increased productivity you get from your nursing staff.

Decreased Value

Your whiteboards should deliver solutions no matter what the situation entails. In the hospital setting, things can change quickly. A room can house one type of patient one day and then switch to house another the day after. Different patients have different needs, and some even communicate best in different languages.

Static whiteboards can hold a lot of information, but they can't cover every patient and nurse's needs. That's why we created InHarmony Changeable Glassboards. These specialized whiteboards feature the same easy-to-write-on glass surface as our other glassboards, but they also allow for interchangeable cards to be inserted and removed as needed. Each card can display different information, even in different languages that patients find useful. This allows you to get the most out of your whiteboard solution without having to spend the money on multiple types of whiteboards for different situations.

Decreased Lifespan

When you invest in custom whiteboards, you want to receive a solution that lasts, not something that you have to replace in a few short years. VividBoard whiteboards are made from high quality materials that last, and our lifetime warranty helps you get the most out of your purchase. Want to feel the quality of our whiteboards firsthand? Contact us today to get a free sample mailed right to you.