VividBoard: Your One-Stop-Shop for Hospital Whiteboards

Sep 15, 2017

hospital whiteboard collage

At VividBoard, customization is at the heart of everything we do. Our custom whiteboards can be designed and shaped into an effective communication and aesthetic solution for any hospital or healthcare facility. In short, we are a "one-stop-shop" for healthcare whiteboard solutions.

Because each and every board we create for customers is designed and built from the ground up, we have the ability to shape each board based on different needs. You can pick and choose how each whiteboard is built, making them a custom-tailored solution to all of your needs.

Multiple Types of Custom Whiteboards

From the boardroom to the patient room, VividBoard has every type of whiteboard your organization needs to effectively communicate with patients, families and care team staff. We offer a blended solution for hospitals that encapsulates every possible function your whiteboards can serve in your facility.

From the easy-to-clean, non-porous surfaces of our glass whiteboards to our functional combination boards with additional tackable surfaces, there is a whiteboard for every location in your hospital, including:

Patient Rooms: InHarmony Changeable Glass boards feature interchangeable inserts, making them perfect for patient rooms. Their permanent glass surface wipes clean easily for effective disinfecting, and the interchangeable inserts make this line a multi-functional whiteboard that can be tailored to each patient's individual needs. Different inserts can be created to feature diverse information fields and even additional languages, making one single whiteboard an effective communication tools for a range of patients and departments alike.

Nurses Stations: Whiteboards serve many functions at the nurses station. They can be used to keep track of which patients are in which rooms, who is their designated nurse/doctor and whether or not they are currently in the room or out for tests. They can also be used to keep track of nurses' shifts and so much more. No matter how nurses use their whiteboards, we can provide the solution. From large whiteboards to small space savers, low profile boards like our Aria line and even classic whiteboards, each board can be customized based on your team's needs.

Behavioral Health Facilities: VividBoard whiteboards come in frameless, non-glass options, making them the perfect addition to behavioral health floors and facilities where risks of injury and self-harm are high. Our whiteboards rest flat against the wall, are tamperproof and securely attach to many wall surfaces with tamper-resistant screws.

The Boardroom: Even executive and administration teams find our whiteboards to be useful for planning, presentations and other boardroom uses. They are easy to write on, read and make for an elegant addition to any boardroom, regardless of the facilities brand and style.

Some of the other locations you can use whiteboards include:

  • Pediatrics

  • Surgery

  • Maternity and Delivery

  • Supply Rooms

  • Intensive Care Units

Get a Quote that Fits Your Budget

We understand that every hospital operates within a budget. Our VividDesign team will work with you to keep you within that budget, all while helping you find the right whiteboards that fit your specific needs. Our customization options allow us to create whiteboards for a variety of different uses. From the patient room to the boardroom, each board we create fits within a consistent design that encapsulates your brand, style and any message that you wish to convey. It all start with your ideas and desired budget, so contact our team for a quote and to receive more information today.