Caring & Cleaning for your Dry Erase Board

Oct 02, 2018

4 Tips to Keep A Clean Dry Erase Board

Whether you use your dry erase board for brainstorming, note-taking, random doodles, or office announcements, you’re likely using it on a daily basis. With this amount of use, it’s not long before you realize the importance of caring for, cleaning, and maintaining your board. If you’re a Vividboard customer, then we’ve already made cleaning easy by designing our boards with the VividShieldTM coating, which is the backbone of our lifetime warranty that guarantees protection against ghosting, fading and defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the board. Regardless of what type of board you own, these 4 tips are sure to help you keep your dry erase board in great shape:

1. Only use dry erase markers
One of the most common mistakes we see is not using the appropriate marker. Be sure to triple check your marker(s) before writing on your board. If you’re not sure about the type of marker you have, check the labeling. Other markers such as Sharpies or highlighters will ruin your surface in no time.

2. Erase your board immediately after use
As we mentioned before, our dry erase boards are made with our patented VividShield™ coating, which enhances the durability and versatility of the surface, allowing for easy erasing and the ability to withstand repeated use (so much so that we offer a lifetime guarantee!). However, if you have a traditional dry erase board, it’s important to know there aren't many other things that result in wear and tear with ghosting and stains more than a board that doesn’t get erased immediately after use. And if you need to erase something just after you write it on the board, wait a few seconds for the ink to dry, which will allow it to erase better (rather than smear all over the board). It’s also important to use a non-abrasive eraser that is made for dry erase ink.

3. Use the right cleaner
There are many different cleaners on the market that would be useful for keeping your dry erase board in tip-top shape. The important thing to note here is that whatever you do, make sure you don’t use household items that aren’t specified as a surface cleaner (such as oil, nail polish remover, etc.)  Cleaning solutions containing a bleach, ammonia, or hydrogen peroxide content of up to 6% or isopropyl alcohol can be used without harming the writing surface.

Vividboards however, do not require any special cleaners. Our VividShield™ coating allows our customers to clean their boards with a soft, damp cloth. In the case you find it necessary to use a stronger application, we’ve listed specific cleaners (below) that have been tested and approved for cleaning our boards:


4. Clean your board regularly
Common sense will probably tell you that the more you use your whiteboard, the more often it will need to be cleaned. While this may be true for most dry erase boards, our team here at Vividboard is committed to offering a unique dry erase board experience. Each board is tested for cleanability and is designed to resist bacteria, dust and debris.






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