Re-Introducing InHarmony Changeable Glassboards



Our Nightingale Silver Award-Winning InHarmony Boards
Just Got an Important Upgrade

With infection prevention, patient satisfaction and engagement being important measures for reimbursements, communication and cleanliness are top priorities. That's why we've developed a close-mounted changeable glassboard with tamper-resistant standoffs: the features you want
and need all with the cleanability required.




Why Choose InHarmony?


Low Profile

Sits only a 1/4" from the wall, eliminating the collection of dust and debris behind the board. 


Changeable Inserts

Track is hidden behind the board and allows the insert to have a smooth transition of patient care information and care plans. 


Tamper Resistant Stand-Offs

Keeps boards secure to the wall and also prevents hardware from walking away.



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