The Growing Importance of the Hospital Brand

Dec 12, 2019

queens medical center hospital whiteboard

Years ago, people went to a particular hospital because it was the only one in their area. They needed medical assistance, and their choices were limited based on their geographic location. Today, healthcare consumers have just as many choices in regards to their care as they have in many other areas of their lives. The simple fact is that hospitals now are not only competing with one another based on the quality of their care, but also their quality of service.

Enter the Hospital Brand

As healthcare technology has advanced and the quality of care has become more stable across the country, hospital brands have become the key differentiator in the minds of consumers. Prospective patients can now choose facilities based on their design, the amenities they offer and various ranking systems that utilize feedback from former hospital patients.

In order to entice customers to visit their facility, hospitals are focusing on creating a brand that appeals to the highest number of prospective patients as possible. These new brands include:

- Memorable names
- Captivating and uniform facility design schemes and color palettes
- Trust through the facility’s reputation and history
- A clear mission statement and company vision
- Heavy advertising and marketing campaigns that entice consumers to choose that particular facility

A Focus on the Customer

This shift marks the age of choice in healthcare consumerism, and hospitals are now clamoring to upgrade their facilities and develop a brand that can rise to the top of a highly competitive marketplace. Most importantly, hospitals brands are focusing on the consumer. While healthcare remains at the forefront, hospitals have recognized that patients are also customers, and their satisfaction is the key to running a successful business. From the moment a patient enters a hospital to the time they leave, they are exposed to the brand’s image, and it can have an impact on their overall favorability of a hospital on top of the service they receive.

Showcasing a Brand Through Hospital Design

We are in the age of the modern hospital. Facilities across the country are being remodeled and, in many cases, rebuilt to better service customers and more effectively showcase a company’s brand. Everything in a facility, from the colors they choose to the art they hang and everything in between, is a reflection of the brand. It’s this brand that is differentiating hospitals from one another and enticing patients to choose their facility first.