Communication Solutions for Healthcare

Apr 03, 2020

hospital room

At GMi, the parent company of VividBoard, we provide communication tools that help all types of facilities communicate, collaborate and learn. During this difficult time in the world, we are here to support our healthcare partners and customers by providing custom, creative solutions for dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Consistent communication between hospital staff and patients plays a crucial role in order to provide patient-centered care. During a contagious outbreak such as COVID-19, communication is even more important. Patients are there to be comforted, informed, and well cared for. Using a tool as simple as a patient room board can help improve the patient’s recovery time and satisfaction, as well as keep staff and providers informed on the care plan.

Wherever the board is placed, it is important to ensure these tools can be easily cleaned to help control the spread of viruses and bacteria. Controlling the spread of viruses and bacteria is a large concern for every hospital. Hospital acquired infections (HAI) impact 1.7 million patients per year, according the to the CDC, and the causes ranged from improper sanitation of hands to inefficient cleaning of surfaces in a facility, particularly in patient rooms. Patient room whiteboards are frequently touched by nurses, physicians, patients and even visitors, which is why it’s so important to keep them clean.

When hospital beds fill up and nurses are short on time, every distraction in the workplace means more stress, less treatment time and an overall lower quality of care for patients. With the expertise of designing patient room boards, VividBoard’s design team offers creative solutions and designs to fulfill the needs of healthcare facilities. Hospitals can use these boards by installing the board on a wall inside or outside the patient’s room.

The need for communication during this time is crucial, which is why we have generic boards ready to ship quickly. If you need a more custom solution, contact us today to see how we can help you achieve your communication and patient-centered care goals. 

Other solutions from GMi that can help with social distancing:


FAQ's on GMi Operations During COVID-19 


Implemented Social Distancing 

Our facilities team has made key changes to our physical spaces to ensure proper distancing, and we've intensified the cleaning and sanitization cadence in accordance with current guidelines. Our factory is up and running and is taking extra precautions to maintain 6' of distance between workers. 


Creative Product Solutions 


Our manufacturing capabilities have allowed us to think creatively and develop a couple products to help prevent the spread of the virus. Please reach out to use if you have a need – we will certainly try to help. 


Restricted Travel & Meetings 

GMi has restricted all non-critical travel. We’ve eliminated large company gatherings and are mandating a reduction in other face-to-face meetings. We’ve canceled upcoming events that bring more than 10 people together and are creatively using technology to reimagine collaboration. If you would like to request a meeting or a presentation of a CEU, please fill out this form. 



NeoCon has announced cancellation of the 2020 show. We are working on ways to bring you the content and information digitally. In the meantime, you can take a virtual tour of our showroom. 


Literature and Finish Samples 

  • We are still shipping literature and finish samples from our facility. Request literature and samples here. 
  • All of our binders are full updated on MyResource Library and our website always has the most up to date symbols, literature, and images. 


Cleaning VividBoard Products 

We are all searching for creative solutions to help decrease the spread of the disease while continuing to operate - and we know our partners and dealers need solutions quickly. Our products are providing the extra margin of safety needed to continue to operate during this time of physical distancing. A few points specific to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): 

  • According to the CDC, transmission of COVID-19 to persons from surfaces contaminated with the virus has not been documented. Transmission of COVID-19 apparently occurs through respiratory droplets. 
  • The CDC has advised that the most effective method for preventing the spread of viruses and germs is to follow handwashing protocols. 
  • Download cleaning instructions for specific VividBoard surfaces.