Whiteboards Bring Both Functionality and Aesthetics to Hospitals

Apr 17, 2020

hospital whiteboard

There are two things that matter when it comes to healthcare design: function and aesthetics. Everything in a hospital serves a specific function, whether it makes a patient’s stay more pleasant or healthcare professionals' jobs easier. Both lead to better treatment and patient experiences, the goal for any facility. While everything placed within a hospital serves a specific function, the aesthetics of the object in question also play an important role.  

The Role of Aesthetics in Modern Healthcare Design 

Hospitals have made large pushes over the years to pull away from their traditional design schemes — primarily consisting of simple details that favor function over aesthetics  and embrace more modern healthcare design trends. These newer design trends have embraced the importance of aesthetics and how they affect the health of patients and their overall satisfaction with their care. The modern hospitals are designed to be a comfortable place for patients to heal, and how pleasant their surroundings are play a large role in that process. 

Hospital Whiteboards Combine the Best of Both Worlds 

Hospital whiteboards, which are important treatment and communication tools in many healthcare facilities across the country, are uniquely designed to incorporate beautiful designs while retaining their true purpose: to increase communication between patients and providers. This is especially true of custom whiteboards, which allow designers to create whiteboards that remain on brand for a company, match the design style and theme of the company’s healthcare facilities, and incorporate unique visuals and graphics that make the whiteboards more pleasant to look at and interact with. At the same time, designers can also work with healthcare professionals to fine tune the content fields on their whiteboards to maximize their functionality within a specific healthcare facility (or area within a facility). 

This is the most important benefit of customizable whiteboards. Their functionality can be altered based on the needs of patients and providers, all while keeping the boards aesthetically pleasing and on brand for a facility. Any custom whiteboard can be designed to integrate seamlessly into patient rooms, nurses’ stations and many other areas of a hospital, including maternity, emergency, operatory, etc. It’s customization that makes them an incredibly functional piece of equipment to place in patient rooms, and it’s also their customization that allows them to retain a pleasing aesthetic that makes a facility a more pleasing place to stay. 

How to Design a Whiteboard That Incorporates the Best of Both Worlds 

There are many design decisions to be made when creating custom whiteboards, but the process doesn’t have to be long and arduous. When you work with VividBoard, we make sure to help you through the design process to make a whiteboard that is right for any facility. We have spent years studying the effects whiteboards can have on patient communication, and we are well equipped to help you choose the right information fields, layout and structure of your whiteboard.  


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