Thinking of Whiteboards as a Customer Service Tool

Sep 09, 2020

inharmony patient room board

Hospital patients come seeking the best treatment possible for their condition, but they also want to be treated to high quality accommodations and service, especially if their condition results in them staying several days or more at a healthcare facility. It’s easy for healthcare providers to become wrapped up in treating patients like patients, but over the years, the healthcare industry has learned the value of treating patients like customers, as well. It’s a delicate balance to maintain, embracing both viewpoints can help increase the quality of care, the satisfaction of patients, and the success of hospitals as businesses. 

This balanced approach applies to all areas of treatment, including the use of patient room whiteboards. Since the primary function of these useful tools is communication, especially in terms of treatment, they can also be used as tools for providing better customer service, and thinking of them in these terms will allow facilities to get the most out of their investment. 

When using dry erase boards during treatment, try thinking of them as customer service tools in the following ways. 

Providing the Information Patients Want 

No customer wants to be left in the dark. They all want information provided to them about the products and service they are receiving. This counts even more when applied to patients staying in a hospital. They want (and deserve) to have as much information about the treatment they are receiving as possible. This includes what tests are being done, why, and when, and the results when they are known. Not knowing this information creates anxiety and dissatisfaction with their care. 

While whiteboards can’t treat your patients per se, they can be used to provide a wealth of information to them throughout the course of their stay. When it comes to patients and customers, more information about any given situation is generally better. 

Increasing Patient Engagement 

Healthcare workers are not the only ones who can use the whiteboards placed in a patient’s room. They can also be used by patients and their family to document questions, concerns, and other notes that they do not want to forget. Whiteboards allow patients to become a more active participant in their care by increasing their overall engagement, allowing them to feel more in control of the situation around them. It also allows them to feel that their concerns are being heard, documented, and addressed, which is something every business wants their customers to feel. 

Making Patients Feel Valued 

A great care team can make patients feel valued while they are in the room, but patients spend a great deal of time alone in their rooms. It’s during this time that whiteboards can serve as a constant reminder to patient that they are in good hands, and even a small, encouraging note written on the board can go a long way in making patients feel valued. 

Provide Better Service to Patients 

Even if you don’t often use whiteboards for treatment purposes, they still can be used to provide a better customer experience to anyone who stays in your facility. Patients need healthcare, but they also need to feel like the service they are receiving is high quality, as well. Quality service can differentiate a hospital and make it stand out among the competition. 


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