Staying Efficient with Nurse Station Boards

May 21, 2021



The Heart and Soul of the Hospital

Nurses are the primary caregivers to any patient that comes to a hospital. For any job, organization is massively influential to the overall productivity of the space, however, with nurses having such a powerful (and no doubt high-stress) role, it is even more key that their workspace functions smoothly. Hospitals are complex, interconnected spaces, and the employees within them handle sensitive and incredibly important information 24/7 – which is why whiteboards for hospitals play such a key role. With nurse stations handling the majority of that information, the nurses' work stations are the heart and soul of the hospital. 


Organizational Impact in Hospitals 

Nurse station whiteboards have a massive influence on the flow of the hospitals. A well-designed station allows nurses and other medical professionals to provide optimal care to patients. 

Through the incorporation of an intentional whiteboard, sensitive information can be kept out of the eye of visitors and patients, while still remaining accessible to staff. Our option to choose between 3 different styles of boards gives a lot of opportunity for form, functionality and customization.


Custom Whiteboard

Our Custom Whiteboards are a simple, classic solution to the everyday needs of a classic whiteboard. Our patented VividShield™ coating and customizable graphics offer durability and functionality while serving your needs. The personalization opportunities provide maximum engagement offerings, while keeping communication between staff clean and precise. Our whiteboards are available in multiple sizes, with a magnetic or non-magnetic surface. All boards are made to order –  and fully customizable! Choose from various colors and add your own logo or design for that extra special touch.


Combination Board 

Integrating whiteboard surface with a natural cork or vinyl tackable surface, our Combination Boards offer the most versatility in communication and opportunities. Available in a horizontal or vertical layout in 3 standard sizes or a custom size (up to 36” x 48”), these boards facilitate displaying more communication between staff. With these boards functioning in high-traffic areas, our patented VividShield™ coating aids in resisting ghosting or staining, keeping your board looking professional under frequent impact and use. 


Low Profile Glassboard

Displaying a subtle elegance, the Low Profile Glassboard is an intentional addition to both a nurse station or administrative area. This space-efficient glass board offers endless communication without taking up loads of valuable wall space, and – like all our boards – is resistant to ghosting or staining due to our patented VividShield™ coating which ensures no sensitive information is left behind. Glassboards can be customized in color, design and logo options; as well as coming in 8 standard sizes or a custom size.


Through the addition of these boards, you can model the organized and well-oiled communication that is so important in hospital culture. Whether you incorporate these boards into a hospital office, or a nurse station, the benefits will be felt and seen – both by you, and your patients.




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