Choosing the Board Type Best for Your Space

Sep 24, 2021


Amplify Your Workspace with VividBoard

No matter what type of technology your healthcare space has integrated, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of writing down all the information you need on a whiteboard. Most of us think of whiteboards in simplistic ways, however different types of whiteboards can be a powerful productivity tool for many spaces in your building, from patient rooms, nurse stations, and hospital break rooms. 

Today, we are going to break down the best whiteboards for your workspace and how through the intentional integration of a customized whiteboard you can boost productivity and workflow, as well as optimizing the experience of your patient. 

Discovering the Perfect Fit

In the healthcare industry, whiteboards are not one size fits all. There are a plethora of different needs from nurse stations to patient rooms. So, what’s the best fit for your space? Here are different types of whiteboards and how we feel they can best be utilized. 


Changeable Glassboards

These double-sided glass boards are a sleek, versatile option for your space. With fully customizable options, you can successfully incorporate your brand's image and aesthetic through personalized designs, logos, and colors. Cleanliness is paramount in hospitals and healthcare spaces, which is why this board's close mount is designed to keep dust and debris buildup to a minimum.

 Available in a variety of standard sizes, these boards shine in environments like:

  • •   Hospital patient rooms – these boards maximize communication between patients and staff, resulting in better patient satisfaction scores for your hospital. 
  • •   Nurses stations – this can also be a great addition to a busy nurses station, where patient information can be easily communicated and absorbed, which is especially critical during shift changes.

Combination Boards

Providing double the versatility, combination boards give the benefits of a writing surface and a vinyl or cork surface for tacking up important notes and information. Configurable to a vertical or horizontal layout, these boards can handle high-traffic zones which is why they are designed with self-healing cork and whiteboard that can handle hospital-grade disinfectants. 

With the opportunity to order a combination board in 3 standard sizes or a custom size, these boards flourish in settings like:

  •    Administrative Office – whether you’re behind a desk taking calls or wanting to jot down a note and tack it up for later, combination boards offer quick solutions for high-demand medical offices. 

  •    Nurse Stations or Patient Rooms – for a nurse, these boards offer the same opportunities that they do for admin offices, etc. For a patient, it’s a great board to not only write down patient information but to also tack up a “get well” card or other special touches from home that can boost your patient's mood and overall experience.


Custom Whiteboards

Classic and fully customizable, our custom whiteboards are a staple in our collection. Like all of our boards, our VividShield™ coating prevents staining or ghosting, ensuring that all the sensitive information disappears when you erase. 

Since these boards can be customized to any preference, they work in almost any space! Our team of highly specialized designers will work with you to create a board that doesn’t just meet your needs but exceeds them. 

  •    Conference Rooms –  for all your important healthcare meetings, a customized whiteboard can help collaborative efforts and make your healthcare space run efficiently. 
  • •   Patient Rooms and Nurse Stations – with the option for customized designs, logos, graphics, and colors, these boards make great additions to these high-traffic areas. With the ability to improve HCAHPS scores, a great patient board impacts patients in positive ways, making the staff's job go smoother. 
  • •   Administrative and Receptionist Areas – perfect for to-dos, calendars, patient notes, or behind-the-scenes information, these boards make the job of front desk receptionists or administrative workers more organized and efficient. 

Whiteboards are a powerful communication tool that can serve healthcare teams and patients alike. With VividBoard, the options for customization are endless, making every day more organized, more efficient, and more enjoyable.




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