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How to Present Information to Increase Patient Understanding

Relaying information is an imperfect science because no two patients are the same. Everyone perceives, absorbs and retains information in a different way.

Is it Possible to Create the Perfect Patient Experience?

Hospitals can significantly increase their HCAHPS scores and better serve their patients by adopting a patient-centered culture.

Visit Us at HCD Conference

We're excited to once again showcase our patient communication boards at the premier Healthcare Design Conference at the Gaylord in Orlando, Florida from November 11th-14th.

Can Hospitals Give Patients Everything They Need?

With so many complaints from poor communication, it’s apparent that, besides good treatment, patients want more than anything else is to be informed.

Creating a Whiteboard Solution That Fits Your Budget

We work with hospitals to ensure their investment in custom whiteboards is not only justified, but also fits appropriately into their annual spending.

Helping Providers and Patients During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We are helping to raise awareness for the more than 3.1 million women and men who currently have, or have had, breast cancer in their lifetime.

How to Properly Discharge Patients and Reduce Readmissions

The University of California San Francisco released the results of a study last year that listed the major causes of readmissions.

Preventing the Spread of Infections in Hospital Patient Rooms

The impact of bacteria and spreadable infections in hospitals is something that all care teams and administrators take seriously.

VividBoard: Your One-Stop-Shop for Hospital Whiteboards

You can pick and choose how each whiteboard is built, making them a custom-tailored solution to all of your needs.