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How to Approach the Design of Hospital Whiteboards

Finding the right design for your whiteboards is the most important part of our process here at VividBoard, which is why our team works closely with you.

Introducing Pattern Pod Patterns for VividBoard

We're excited to announce a new partnership with Pattern Pod! With their ever growing library of designs, we know their designs will be gracing our patient room boards, giving a truly custom product to any healthcare system.

The Hidden Costs of Poor Quality Whiteboards

Hospital whiteboards are a smart investment for any hospital, but just like all investments, there are good and bad choices.

Glassboards or Whiteboards: Which Are Right for Hospitals?

While both are capable of effectively displaying vital information to patients, the two types of whiteboards are not without their differences.

Reducing Patient Anxiety with Whiteboards

Read Our New White Paper: “How Effective Whiteboard Communication Mitigates the Dangers and Costs of Patient Anxiety”

The Importance of Having Easy-to-Clean Hospital Whiteboards

To prevent the spread of bacteria, many hospitals have turned to glass whiteboards because of they leave fewer places for bacteria to grow and thrive.

How to Design Patient Room Boards for Effective Communication

We’re here to help you design whiteboards that allow you to effectively communicate with patients, increase their satisfaction and help them get better.

The Most Effective Way to Raise HCAHPS Scores

Research has identified the most effective way hospitals can increase patient satisfaction and earn better HCAHPS ratings.

Hospitals Should Focus on Boosting Morale Amongst Nurses

National Nurses Week may be over, but we are still thankful for the more than 4 million nurses who work in hospitals and care centers across the country.