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Introducing Aria for VividBoard Low Profile Whiteboards

With significant portions of HCAHPS and patient satisfaction scores being based on communication between caregiver and patient, the right communication tool can make all the difference in the reimbursements a hospital receives.

Solving Common Hospital Problems with Whiteboards

The healthcare industry is a complex, fast-paced industry that never shows any sign of slowing down. Every day, hospital administrators and their staff are faced with a multitude of issues that they must overcome.

How Hospital Design Influences Patient Health and Satisfaction

Everything from the layout of a hospital to the color of the walls, windows, furniture and accessories within each room have been shown to affect patient health.

10 Reasons Patients, Hospitals and Nurses Love VividBoards

This Valentine;s Day we are sharing some of the love patients, hospitals and nurses have shown our products over the years.

What Makes VividBoards Different From Standard Whiteboards?

When placed side-by-side, you can see just what makes our whiteboards a step above the rest. But the quality of our materials isn't all that makes our products stand out from the competition.

Should HCAHPS Be Revamped in 2017?

Are HCAHPS the most reliable way to gauge the effectiveness and quality of a hospital? Many healthcare providers and experts say no.

How the Right Whiteboards Save Hospitals Money

There are many reasons to invest in hospital dry erase boards, but the right hospital whiteboards also help hospitals save money.

The Top 3 Whiteboard Choices for Hospitals

There are a lot of options when choosing a whiteboard solution, so we've compiled our the top three choices that our healthcare customers love.

How Hospitals Can Establish Trust With Their Patients

80% of patients noted that whiteboards were an effective coping tool

Trust is one of the most important parts of the relationship between hospitals and their patients. It is also one of the key determinants in how patients view their hospital experience.…