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Whiteboards in Behavioral Healthcare

Room design in behavioral healthcare is a large component of effective treatment of mental health issues.

The Top 10 Complaints Hospital Patients Have

Studies have found that the vast majority of hospital patient complaints are related to the customer service they receive, specifically in the areas of communication.

The Best Way to Treat Overly Anxious Hospital Patients

Patient anxiety and satisfaction are ultimately linked, as anxious patients are far more likely to consider their stay at a hospital as unsatisfactory.

Using Whiteboards in Your Daily Treatment Plan

The day-to-day treatment of hospital patients is where the most complaints and issues arise, ultimately leading to a decrease in patient satisfaction.

5 Roles Nurses Play in the Hospital

Nurses are not only expected to be well-versed in many fields of medicine, they are also expected to fill numerous roles in the hospital setting.

Removing Marks and Stains from a Whiteboard

We have heard of and tested a variety of solutions for cleaning a whiteboards surface. Everything from turtle wax to isopropyl alcohol, hairspray and carpet spot remover have been used.

Overcoming Communication Barriers with Non-English Speaking Patient

Nearly a decade ago, The Joint Commission identified the "triple threat" of effective health communication: low health literacy, cultural barriers and limited English proficiency.

4 Reasons to Choose InHarmony Changeable Glass

The ability to customize VividBoards is what makes them unique, but the application for that customization is what will equip your hospital with the best information tools possible. So, why should you choose our InHarmony glassboards? Here are four great reasons why.

Increasing Patient Comfort in the Hospital

Patient satisfaction determines a hospital's success, and whether or not a patient is satisfied with their level of care is directly tied to how comfortable they are.



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