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Creative Uses for Hospital Whiteboards

The use of whiteboards as communication tools in the hospital setting is backed by numerous medical research studies, but not every facility uses them the same way. While using hospital whiteboards to increase communication and patient care, they can also be used to increase patient comfort and satisfaction in their care. 

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Design & Architectural Trends That Are Modernizing Hospitals

chirdrens hospital hallway

As hospitals race to improve their facilities, attract new business and better treat/serve their patients, they are investing in new technologies, revamping their design strategies and closely following evidence-based practices that have been shown…

Hospital Whiteboard Frame Options: Do They Matter?

whiteboard frame options

Creating custom hospital whiteboards leaves the designer with a whole host of options. Among those are whiteboard…

What Dictates Design Trends in Healthcare Facilities?

hospital hallway

Optimal Placement of Whiteboards in Patient Rooms

patient room whiteboard placement

Designing the right custom whiteboard is not the only factor that plays into how effective it will be in a facility. Whiteboard placement within a patient’s room also plays a large role in its effectiveness.…

What's the Best Surface for Hospital Whiteboards?

healthcare whiteboards

Whether whiteboards are being placed in patient rooms, at nursing stations, or anywhere else in your healthcare facility, it's important to choose the right whiteboard surface. The type of surface you choose can affect not only the aesthetics,…