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The Importance of Auditing Hospital Whiteboards

Auditing patient room and nursing station whiteboards is important for facilities to do at least once a year because the results of the audit can reveal valuable insights. It can tell a facility what they need to change on their whiteboards and how those changes can help better serve their customers while making care teams more efficient.

Are There Alternatives to Whiteboards in Hospitals?

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Are there alternatives to using whiteboards in hospitals? The answer is yes, but none have proven themselves to be as effective, both in cost and performance, as custom whiteboards. Here are a few other options and why…

Addressing HIPAA Concerns with Patient Whiteboards

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HIPAA violations are a major concern for facilities and hospitals across the country, and violating these regulations put forth by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) leads to expensive fines and settlements. This has made the protection of patient information…

How Patients and Facilities Benefit from Hospital Whiteboards

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Achieving Sustainable Hospital Designs

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How Well-Designed Hospital Lighting Makes for a Better Patient Experience

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Medical Research Reveals the Benefits of Patient Whiteboards

Is there a lot of medical research pertaining to patient room whiteboards? Does placing a whiteboard in a patient room make a difference in their health and the satisfaction with their care? These are both great questions. Every device placed within a medical facility needs to prove its worth either to patients or providers, and custom whiteboards do both.

Simple Tips to Increase the Effectiveness of Hospital Whiteboards

While every hospital's needs are different, there are a few common issues that should be avoided when designing and using your whiteboards.

Communication is at the Heart of Patient-Centered Care

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Patient-centered care encourages patients to take an active role in their healthcare, but in order to be more informed and ready for action, a solid base of communication must be established between care providers and their patients.…