InHarmony Changeable Glass

InHarmony Changeable Glassboards from VividBoard marries the permanence of a traditional graphic dry erase board with the flexibility and ease of use demanded by today’s complex healthcare environment. InHarmony allows you to combine the elegance of a permanently printed glass border exterior with a removable messaging insert that can be updated whenever needed.

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InHarmony Changeable Glassboard's innovative communication board solution begins with an antimicrobial glass, reverse-printed frame that can accommodate any customized VividCore Insert of your creation. This permanent component of the InHarmony system provides the look and feel of a permanent communication glassboard that can be continuously cleaned with harsh hospital-grade cleaners without ever degrading the original vibrancy of its graphics.

Our elegant curved-corner permanent glass frames are complemented by rigid interchangeable inserts that provide the customization and flexibility so necessary in today's ever-changing healthcare environment. Simply reverse or replace the insert as needed to accommodate everything from individual patient communication needs to those of an entire facility rebranding.

Available Sizes:

18” x 24”        
2’ x 3’    
Horizontal and Vertical  


Available Options:

Rounded Corners    

VividBoard is guaranteed for life

VividBoard’s VividShieldTM coating is guaranteed against ghosting, fading and defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the board. The warranty is limited to the replacement of defective boards and does not include removal, installation or shipping costs.

Use of abrasive cleaners, cleaning cloths (i.e. Soft Scrub, Comet, Brillo pad, etc.) or permanent markers will negate the warranty coverage.

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