Swing Changeable Glassboard

Patient Room Communication Boards

VividBoard's Swing Changeable Glassboards are the perfect communication tool for any healthcare environment. The interchangeable board comes with a sleek and easy to disinfect glass surface with a changeable, double-sided insert for versatility for effective engagement between patients and care providers. Customizable, versatile, and functional.

Swing Changeable Glassboard
Product Details

·         Available in 5 standard sizes with round corners and complementary stand-offs

·         A customized double-sided insert provides versatility for communication

·         Smooth glass surface will resist ghosting and staining

·         Custom glassboard surface can be cleaned with most hospital cleaners

·         Sits 5/8” off the wall and swings outward for ease of cleaning and changing designs

·         Endless possibilities include custom colors, designs, and logos

·         Carries a limited lifetime warranty


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  • Corner Options
    • Manufacturer/Company: VividBoard
    • Product: Changeable Glassboard
    • Writing Surface: Non-Magnetic
    • Size: 5 standard sizes: 12" x 16", 18” x 24”, 24" x 24", 24" x 30", and 24" x 36"
    • Orientation: Portrait 
    • Corner Styles: Round 
    • Design: Custom artwork
    • Quantity:
    • Warranty: Limited Lifetime

    Please feel free to copy and paste this into your order or request for quotation specifications. 


Swing Changeable Glassboard
WHY Swing Changeable Glassboards?
  • Match the aesthetics and details of your hospital with a custom designed combination board representing your brand.
  • Increase your patient engagement and satisfaction scores by utilizing an effective communication tool with your patients and employees.
  • VividBoard’s Swing Changeable boards are available in 5 standard sizes as well as custom sizes to create a board that fits your space and matches your brand.
  • Swing Changeable boards are idea for when clearance left and right of board is limited. 
  • Our patented VividShield™ coating will resist ghosting and staining, making the board easy to clean with most hospital cleaners.
  • You have the option to customize your boards with endless possibilities that include custom colors, designs, and logos.
  • The option to work with our internal design team to help create board designs to achieve your vision.
  • All VividBoard products carry a limited lifetime warranty.

Each Swing Changeable Glassboard is customized to fit the unique needs of all customers. With the look of permanent graphics, the interchangeable insert makes the board flexible, perfect for the ever-changing healthcare environment. The swing hinge is ideal for when space is limited, but versatility is needed. Hospital communication boards are a great option for patient rooms to engage in effective communication between nurses, doctors and patients. Patient room boards can help improve HCAHPS and patient satisfaction scores for your hospital. They allow you to showcase different care plans or multiple languages with a removable insert that is easily replaced if branding or initiatives change. VividBoard's ¼" tempered glass withstands high-use and eliminates ghosting and staining. Our boards are shipped to you in VividBoard's worry-free packaging, designed specifically for shipping glassboards. Changeable Glassboards carry a limited lifetime warranty, are 100% recyclable, and made in the USA.


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