Custom Whiteboards Provide Effective Solutions

custom whiteboards collage

Truly custom whiteboards are hard to come by, which is why our team at VividBoard has set out to provide a comprehensive line of products for any company looking for a permanent solution to their dry erase board needs.

Our VividBoards are specifically designed with your company in mind, providing a consistent message across your entire organization. They are guaranteed to last for life, will never leave any faded marks or stains, and come with a wide range of customizable options. We can print a variety of colors, graphics and images right on the surface of our whiteboards, making them entirely customizable based on your needs.

Our Product Lines

Our custom dry erase boards come in a variety styles, each with their own style and features that make them ideal for any application:

  • Classic VividBoard: offers the widest range of options. These custom whiteboards can be specifically designed to match your brand. Add your company’s colors and graphics, and then finish them off with your choice of frame. The design options are limitless. This premium line of custom whiteboards will match the style and design of more modern hospitals and healthcare facilities.
  • MyHarmony Glass: these glass whiteboards are ideal for anyone looking for a more modern, elegant design. The frameless glass makes them a great addition to any décor, and they can still be customized with a range of colors and graphics.
  • InHarmony Glass: when a single whiteboard isn’t enough, this product line combines the permanence of our glass custom dry erase boards with interchangeable inserts that can be removed and replaced at any time.
  • Combination Boards: has the same look and customization of our classic whiteboards, but adds an additional tackable surface for increased functionality. Try them in horizontal and vertical options.
  • VividEasel Sidewalk Sign: create the perfect outdoor display sign. These custom whiteboard easels are specifically designed to bring customers into your business.

The Applications of Our Custom Whiteboards

Our whiteboards have been used by business and organizations all across the country. Some of the industries we serve include:

  • Healthcare: hospitals, outpatient clinics, doctors’ offices and anyone involved in the healthcare industry knows the value of our custom dry erase boards. They can be used to improve HCAHPS scores by aiding in communication between nurses and patients. They can also easily be cleaned with hospital grade cleaners, making them the perfect addition to patient rooms.
  • Corporate and Manufacturing: from the assembly line floor to the corporate boardroom, our design team can create branded whiteboards that promote safety and best practices. With custom frames and sizes, these boards can match the décor of any facility.
  • Education and Athletics: our custom whiteboards take school pride to a new level. Teachers can use them as aids in classrooms, while coaches can use them to draw out game-winning plays.
  • Food and Beverage: the unique shapes and vibrant colors of our custom dry erase boards are put to good use by restaurant and bar owners. From full menus to daily specials, these branded boards are a great addition to any food and drink establishment.

Customize Your Order Today

Our designs are complex, but ordering one of our custom dry erase boards isn’t. All you have to do is provide us with some basic information and our VividDesign Team will create customized whiteboards that fit your company’s needs.

Want to see the quality and pricing of our VividBoard products? Contact us today to request a free sample or to get a quote for your order.