The Benefits of Using Patient Whiteboards

patient whiteboard collage

Patient whiteboards bridge the communication gap that often reduces the quality of patient satisfaction and care. Although hospitals and other healthcare organizations have been using whiteboards for years, there has never been a whiteboard that matches the customization options and quality of VividBoard's patient whiteboards.

Whether you are looking for a custom whiteboard to hang in a patient’s room, at a nurse’s station, or anywhere else in your hospital, our design team will work with you to create a dry erase board that is fully customized to your brand and that meets your every need.

Increase HCAHPS Scores with Our Patient Whiteboards

Custom patient whiteboards have been proven to increase HCAHPS scores by six points or more. This is because patient satisfaction is largely dependent upon how well hospital staff communicates with them. Many HCAHPS scores are low because patients often feel doctors and nurses have not done a good job explaining their care plan, medication schedule and discharge dates in a satisfactory manner.

Yet this is not always the fault of hospital administrators and staff. Even if there is a direct line of communication to patients, they may not be able to retain the information they are given. Patient whiteboards solve this problem and more.

By placing a patient whiteboard in every hospital room, nursing staff will have a way to write down important information that needs to be communicated to patients. With our custom whiteboards, you can provide the following details to your patients:

  • Care team names and contact information
  • Medication and meal schedules
  • Treatment plans
  • Discharge dates
  • Daily patient goals
  • Pain scales
  • Information in multiple languages
  • Anything that your staff needs to communicate to patients!

With our patient whiteboards, nursing staff can free up their time, better communicate with patients and improve their method of care. They can also be used at nursing stations to keep track of patient information and other important internal information that needs to be shared with the rest of the care team.

Better Care, Better Quality

Our patient whiteboards are not only proven to increase satisfaction and care, they are also easy to clean (and keep clean), long lasting and the writing surface is highly resistant to germs. Nursing staff will never have to spend precious time worrying about cleaning the surface of our whiteboards. They can easily be wiped down with a cloth (we recommend microfiber) or disinfectant wipe. They also won’t leave stains or faded lines from previous writing. Our patient whiteboards are guaranteed for life!

One Brand, One Message, One Type of Whiteboard

Each and every single one of our patient whiteboards can be personally designed to match your hospital’s brand. From custom borders to frames, colors, graphics and images, our design team will work with you to create a board that blends in with your hospital’s style and brand.

From patient rooms to nursing stations and all the way up to the boardroom, our custom whiteboards will present a consistent brand that speaks to your values and goals as an organization.

Learn More About Our Patient Whiteboards

There is a lot to learn about our whiteboards. To see some of our design styles, and to start thinking about a design of your own, see our healthcare design IdeaBook. If you want to see the quality of our whiteboards, request a free sample, and if you are ready to get started, request a quote from our team today.