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4 Communication Habits that Impact Patient Experience

patient doctor communication

Creating a Sound Plan for Reducing Noise and Increasing HCAHPS

hospital sleep

Read more | Oct 17, 2019

4 Communication Habits that Impact Patient Experience

nurses station whiteboard

Confronting the Most Challenging Design Issues in Healthcare Facilities

hospital hallway

Don’t Be Scared of Whiteboard Ghosting. Here’s How to Prevent It.

whiteboard ghosting

Solving the Most Common Issues Providers Have With Hospital Whiteboards

aria vividboards

Read more | Sep 18, 2019

How to Increase Patient Engagement with Hospital Whiteboards

doctor and nurse communication

Choosing to place hospital whiteboards in patient rooms is an important step in improving communication with…

3 Things That Transform Patient Rooms into Therapeutic Spaces

hospital patient room

Hospitals are for healing, but as every patient knows, it's important to heal in a comfortable and therapeutic environment. This concept is well understood throughout the healthcare field, as patient comfort is a huge indicator of their…

Creative Uses for Hospital Whiteboards

stork shaped whiteboard

The use of whiteboards as communication tools in the hospital setting is backed by numerous medical research studies, but not every facility uses them the same way.…