VividBoard's expertly designed custom whiteboards bring clear communication and brand recognition to hospitals and outpatient healthcare facilities, enhancing the way providers interact and treat their patients. With individualized whiteboard designs and scientifically backed communication techniques, our graphically enhanced whiteboards help healthcare professionals best serve patients and families, improving HCAHPS and patient satisfaction scores.



Improving the art of Patient Care
Increase HCAHPS Scores
Increase HCAHPS Scores

Communication is imperative to healthcare providers and patients. Effective engagement between the two can improve patient satisfaction and increase HCAHPS scores by up to six points.


Each whiteboard is made with your needs in mind and customized to your specific requirements. With an expert design team, we assist in designing boards that are perfect for your space.


VividBoard products carry a limited lifetime warranty. When designing and furnishing a patient room, expenses can add up, that's why it is important to invest in a communication tool that will last a lifetime.




Who are we?

Seeking to change the way whiteboards were produced, VividBoard opened its doors in 2002. Our team sought to improve patient engagement and communication for healthcare providers, which led to our focus on custom healthcare whiteboards for every room of the hospital. With a surface of unbeatable quality and a team of expert design professionals, our markerboards are used throughout healthcare facilities to grab attention, display important information, and professionally represent our customer's brand.

We've done our research. VividBoard provides advice, design resources and custom whiteboards to help increase your patient satisfaction scores within your healthcare facility.

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Improving Patient Experience

Designing with HCAHPS in Mind

Well designed patient room boards are one of the easiest ways to increase patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores, up to 6.3 points. Not only do custom whiteboards reduce patient anxiety, they also benefit nurses by keeping their patients informed and engaged.

Watch VividBoard's role in the daily life of a patient.

Our VividBoard team is excited to work with you to understand your needs to benefit patient care and HCAHPS scores.

Increase HCAHPS Scores

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