10 Reasons Patients, Hospitals and Nurses Love VividBoards

Feb 14, 2017

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Our custom hospital whiteboards have something to offer everyone. That's why this Valentine's Day we are sharing some of the love patients, hospitals and nurses have shown our products over the years.

Why Nurses Love VividBoards

#1: They open up lines of communication

Nurses understand that communication with patients is critical, which is why they love how easy VividBoards make it to relay information. Patients are far more likely to retain information that is written than when it's communicated verbally, and VividBoards make this process easy.

#2: They are easy to clean

In a fast-moving hospital setting, nurses have little time to spend scrubbing whiteboards to remove old marker stains. VividBoards resist ghosting and they are easy to clean and disinfect with hospital cleaners.

#3: They save time

Nursing is an especially short-staffed industry, which is why they love how VividBoards make their jobs easier. Everything from hidden marker storage to the easy-to-write-on surface is a valuable time saver.

Why Hospitals Love VividBoards

#1: They can be placed in any room of a hospital

Hospitals love the customization that allow VividBoards to be placed anywhere. Our customers use them in patient rooms, maternity wards, nursing stations and many other areas.

#2: They are durable

Unlike standard whiteboards, VividBoards are built to last. Replacing equipment is an expensive and time-consuming process, which is why hospitals love the durability and lifetime guarantee of VividBoards.

#3: They increase patient satisfaction

Many organizations struggle to find new and inventive ways to increase patient satisfaction. Hospitals love VividBoards because they open up a direct line of communication between care teams and patients, resulting in a better patient experience. Studies show that using whiteboards to communicate improves patient satisfaction scores by up to 6 points!

#4: They save money

HCAHPS scores are directly tied to Medicare reimbursements, which cost hospitals up to $150,000 each year. Many hospitals find that using VividBoards to increase their HCAHPS scores allows them to recover these costs every year!

Why Patients Love VividBoards

#1: They display the right information

One of the top patient complaints is the lack of knowledge regarding the specifics of their care (i.e. medication schedules, daily goals, discharge dates, etc.). Patients appreciate having this information available to them on an easy-to-read whiteboard located right in their room.

#2: They are fun to look at

Many studies have shown how hospital design helps patients heal, and patients love the bits of color and vibrant images that VividBoards add to every room.

#3: They bring patients comfort

Patient anxiety stems from the fear of the unknown. Many patients don't know how long they will be in the hospital, the details of their treatment and why they have to take certain medications.

Care teams use VividBoards as a communication tool to address these issues. The information provided allows patients to feel involved in their care and emboldened by the steps that are being taken to help them.

See Why Everyone Loves VividBoards

It's easy to see why hospitals, nurses and patients love our custom hospital whiteboards. We are so confident that you will love the quality and customization of our products that we encourage you to request a sample of one of our boards. For more information, or to request a quote for your organization, contact our team today.