Solving Common Hospital Problems with Whiteboards

Feb 24, 2017

healthcare whiteboard

The healthcare industry is a complex, fast-paced industry that never shows any sign of slowing down. Every day, hospital administrators and their staff are faced with a multitude of issues that they must overcome.

To address these issues, hospitals turn to simple, yet effective tools such as custom whiteboards because of how well they help address some of the major problems these facilities face. These common issues include:

Patient Complaints

The majority of patient complaints at hospitals are related to customer service, particularly when it comes to communication with doctors and nursing staff. These patient complaints range from:

  • Lack of clear communication with staff

  • Feeling disengaged from their care plans

  • Lack of information on medication and procedure schedules

Eliminating these complaints is one of the best ways for hospitals to better serve patients and increase HCAHPS scores.

Verbal communication, while somewhat effective, leaves room for misunderstandings because when patients are under stress, they may have trouble understanding or retaining information. Using custom whiteboards in conjunction with verbal communication, patients are more likely understand and retain information regarding their care, discharge dates/goals, scheduled treatments and next medication times.

Nursing Shortages

Over the years, hospitals have seen an increase in visits due to an aging population. By 2030, the senior citizen population will increase to 69 million people or 20% of the population. Although nursing is a fast-growing occupation, it is not keeping up with the increase in demand.

Because of the variety of roles played by nurses, many find themselves short on time as they try to balance patient interaction with a host of other duties. This leaves them little time to waste. Using custom whiteboards, nurses can streamline their communication process with patients. Patients are far more likely to absorb and remember information that is both conveyed to them verbally and written down. Some of the most common questions from patients involve when their next dosage of medication will be. When information like medication schedules are listed on whiteboards patient are less likely to call nurses into their room for inquires.

Mergers, Rebrands and Reorganization

Restructuring the brand or image of a hospital can be a financial and logistical nightmare. Custom hospital whiteboards provide the flexibility that hospitals need to avoid headaches when inevitable remodels and brand image changes occur. Products such as interchangeable glass whiteboards provide a sturdy mounted frame with inserts that can be swapped at any time.

Whether a hospital is changing it's brand colors, logo or assigning a new purpose to specific patient rooms, interchangeable whiteboards are a quick solution that makes the entire process easy.

Discover All the Benefits of Custom Whiteboards

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