Introducing Pattern Pod Patterns for VividBoard

Aug 03, 2017

We're excited to announce a new partnership with Pattern Pod! With their ever growing library of designs, we know their designs will be gracing our patient room boards, giving a truly custom product to any healthcare system.

Who is Pattern Pod? 

Pattern Pod was founded by Geraldine and Kristen in early 2013 after working for a textile design agency. After seeing many of the designs they would work on land on the cutting room floor, they decided to take their skill set of trends, color, markets (healthcare, hospitality, office, automotive, etc.), drawing, and technical abilities to launch their own pattern consulting company. They decided to find businesses that were in need of these skills and knowledge that they could partner with. 

The textile design company offers a variety of services, most notably their online collection of beautifully designed and colored vector patterns that can be used in a number of different applications, including on VividBoard designs!

Our Partnership

"Customization is the wave of the future so jump on and join us for the ride of our lives," says Kristen of Pattern Pod. Geraldine adds, "We are so excited to work with VividBoard because you get the customization! We love the fact that you are offering your clients the chance to customize the board, make it their own and unique to its environment."

What makes for a good pattern?

In the words of Geraldine, "A good pattern is like a good first date! You have chemistry with it. You immediately are attracted to it and you hope that it asks you for a second date. On the second and third date, if you still like it, you know it is a winner." Color and scale of the design are important, but finding a color scheme that compliments the design can make a world of difference. Sometimes it takes days, months, or years to figure out what would make the design better.

VividBoard has found that the patterns that work the best on patient room boards are fairly simple, often referencing natural or organic shapes, with pale colors that encourage relaxation and healing.

What is challenging when designing patterns?

Patterns have to keep up with current trends, while pushing beyond limitations and trying things that haven't been done. Geraldine explains, "A design can be beautiful, but if it doesn't sell, then you have to rethink what is needed in the marketplace." They work to get into other people's heads and try to understand what will work for their customers.

How many designs does Pattern Pod have?

270 total designs are available for use on VividBoards, each in 5 different color profiles, with new patterns being added regularly.

VividBoard works with customers every day to come up with designs for patient room boards. Using Pattern Pod, coming up with a beautiful design can be simple. With a large library of designs, finding a color scheme or pattern that sparks your interest could help move your project along.

A Growing "Patternship"

At VividBoard, we are excited about the versatility that Pattern Pod adds to our offering. Our custom Patient Room Whiteboards can be printed with any of their graphics, which we alter and place to fit the layout of your VividBoard. To browse patterns, visit

To learn more about VividBoard and our custom dry-erase patient room boards, visit

Contact us to add a Pattern Pod design to your patient room board project!