Hospital Whiteboard Frame Options: Do They Matter?

Jul 10, 2019

whiteboard frame options

Creating custom hospital whiteboards leaves the designer with a whole host of options. Among those are whiteboard surfaces, color schemes, text layout and so much more. But what about frames? Does the frame matter when it comes to whiteboards used in patient rooms, nursing stations and other areas of the hospital?

Why Hospital Whiteboard Frames Are Important

The frame, or lack thereof, you choose for your whiteboard can have both aesthetic and utilitarian benefits. It can affect the visual appeal of your whiteboard, its cost (when multiplied by 100+ for all patient rooms in a facility, small cost adjustments can make a large difference), where the whiteboard can be placed and much more.

Thankfully, custom whiteboards can be designed and built with multiple framing and mounting options, colors and other design elements. This allows facilities to match their boards to the overall design scheme of their facility, tailor the board to match their brand and custom design their whiteboards based on the type of facility. Custom whiteboards can be placed in many different types/areas of facilities:

  • General inpatient and outpatient facilities
  • Children's hospitals
  • Birthing centers and floors
  • Operating rooms
  • Nursing stations and waiting areas
  • Behavioral health facilities

Frames Affect More Than the Looks of a Whiteboard

Beyond the general aesthetics of a whiteboard, the choice in frame can affect the placement and use of a whiteboard. A fast-growing trend in healthcare whiteboard options are frameless glass whiteboards. These types of whiteboards are easy to clean and their frameless design and secure mounting options make them suitable for most hospital settings.

In behavioral healthcare settings, where safety concerns present certain challenges, facilities are leaning towards frameless, non-glass whiteboards. These whiteboards can be secured to the wall with tamperproof hardware and do not contain any components that make the whiteboards easy to remove, making them the perfect solution for areas like sensory rooms, common areas and other areas where safety is a concern.

Think About Aesthetics and Whiteboard Usage When Choosing a Frame

There are many frame options that can be added to classic whiteboards, including:

  • Materials like aluminum, steel and wood
  • Numerous color options
  • Sizes and thicknesses: multiple stock sizes and custom sizing options available

When choosing your frame, think about where it will be placed, how it will be used and what your budget will be for the project. If you have any questions about whiteboard frame options or which frame will be right for your facility, contact VividBoard today.