room blueprints

In today’s healthcare climate, hospitals are required to do more with less. The number of patients is increasing, reimbursements are shrinking, and patient-centered care is surging to the forefront of how providers treat. This has placed a great strain…


behavioral health whiteboards

About 44 million American adults suffer from some type of mental health condition, studies show, and many people are not receiving the treatment they need.…


hospital design blueprints

Patient safety and comfort during inpatient stays are challenges every facility faces. Every year, doctors and hospital staff fight a never-ending battle against patient falls, infections and other hazards in the hospital, making this issue a


lanscape art

When searching for art to place in a healthcare facility, particularly a hospital, one of the biggest mistakes management teams and designers can make is taking the “easy route.” They source budget prints to hang on walls, often lumping the pieces in with…


hospital design planning

Healthcare facility design is an ever-evolving process. Trends come and go, new evidence-based practices are brought into the spotlight, and facilities are constantly pursuing new ways to stand out from the competition. A lot can change in a year, which is why we are…


hospital waiting room design

As different artistic movements continue to influence interior design, we have seen hospitals embrace both bold, often surrealist styles as well as simple, more minimalist styles throughout their facilities.

Is it better for healthcare…


childrens hospital room

Children are inherently different from adults, which is why they need healthcare that is specially catered to their adolescent minds and bodies. For hospital designers, this means creating facilities that are specifically designed to cater to this demographic.…


memorial hermann patient room board

Located in Humble, Texas, Memorial Hermann Northeast is part of a 14-hospital network that operates throughout the greater Houston area. Memorial Hermann is one of the largest not-for-profit health systems in Southeast Texas. They have offered…


color wheel

When people think of the history of color in hospitals, they often picture a completely white environment. White walls, white coats, and white sheets are synonymous with the healthcare field, but they are not the only colors that were historically used in hospitals. The healthcare…


hospital wayfinding

Both wayfinding signage and hospital whiteboards play their part in providing the best patient experience possible. When patients and their loved ones walk the halls of a hospital, the wayfinding plays a large role in providing a pleasant and relaxing experience. When they…